Motorola XPR6350

PMLN5096A - D-Style Earset - Intrinsically Safe (FM)

Product Number: PMLN5096A

$63.60   $57.24

PMLN5101A - IMPRES Temple Transducer - Intrinsically Safe (FM)

Product Number: PMLN5101A

$250.80   $225.72
IMPRES Temple Transducer with boom microphone and in-line push-to-talk button. This headset allows the user to receive audio without covering the ear,... More

PMLN5102A - Ultra Lightweight Headset - Intrinsically Safe (FM)

Product Number: PMLN5102A

$88.58   $79.72

PMLN5275B - Heavy Duty Headset, Noise Reduction = 24dB

Product Number: PMLN5275B

$549.51   $494.56
Designed for rugged use in noisy environments where hearing protection is required. This dual-muff headset includes flexible noisecanceling boom microphone... More

RMN5058A - Lightweight Headset, over-the-head, single-muff with in-line push-to-talk

Product Number: RMN5058A

$99.00   $89.10
Provides high-clarity, hands-free discreet two-way communication, while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended wear in moderate noise environments.... More